Catch The Replay: CDP On A Budget

We were thrilled to participate in AdExchanger’s Programmatic I/O event in San Francisco last week. As part of their Buy-Side Essentials track, we shared our perspective on the role of Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) in enabling interoperability across a marketer’s paid, earned, and owned media. Catch the replay here.

In this 25 minute talk, Jounce’s Chris Kane provides an overview of the CDP category and a roadmap for marketers who are exploring CDP investments. This talk specifically addresses:

  • The success with which ad tech companies have achieved interoperability to support ad serving, targeting, and measurement.

  • The comparatively limited ability for marketers to achieve interoperability across their mar tech systems.

  • The ways in which CDPs are starting to enable seamless and near-real-time data flows across paid, earned, and owned media systems.

  • A demo of a CDP that Jounce has implemented to support our own sales and marketing process.

To jump start your organization’s journey to implementing a CDP and achieving marketing interoperability, reach out to us at