AdExchanger Talks: The Information Advantage


We were thrilled to be invited back to the AdExchanger studio for a discussion about supply path optimization. In this 45 minute podcast, Jounce Media Founder Chris Kane and AdExchanger Executive Editor Zach Rodgers discuss techniques marketers can use to gain an information advantage and exploit pricing inefficiencies in the RTB market.

“This is a very inefficiently priced market, which means there are pricing inefficiencies that as a buyer you can exploit,” said Kane. “You have to do a bunch of work to figure out how to exploit those inefficiencies, but what we consistently find across lots of publishers is there is one exchange that is a considerably better place to transact than all the others.”

In addition to data-driven supply path optimization, ad buyers can also reduce the number of exchanges that they choose to work with.

“For boring banner ads, all publishers work with all the same exchanges, and you start to realize that if I shut off Exchange B, I can still get all the volume I need for display formats by just transacting through Exchange A,” Kane says. “You can really quickly reduce the list of partners you work with as a marketer from 50 to certainly 10 without sacrificing any inventory access.”