Catch The Replay: The Programmatic Atlas

We were thrilled to participate in AdExchanger Programmatic I/O conference in New York City. Catch the replay of our “Programmatic Atlas” presentation here:

In this 20 minute discussion, we introduce the complexities of RTB supply paths and suggest three strategies buyers can take to overcome this complexity and exploit programmatic pricing inefficiencies:

  • Direct-To-Publisher integrations, in which a DSP withholds it bids from all ad exchanges and instead submits bids directly to the publisher’s header bidding wrapper.

  • Strategic Alliances, in which buyers or their buying platforms establish exclusive or preferred buying agreements with trusted ad exchange partners.

  • Algorithmic Optimization, in which buyers dynamically shift their preferred supply paths based on automated A/B testing.

For a more comprehensive breakdown of our supply path research and for access to all underlying data, check out our Programmatic Atlas.