Adding Sellers.json To The Programmatic Atlas

Last week we added sellers.json data to our supply path database. This week, we’re integrating sellers.json into our Programmatic Atlas dashboard.

Sellers.json has been a breakthrough for supply path transparency. As of today, over 70 RTB ad exchanges post a sellers.json file. For these exchanges, programmatic buyers now have rich insight into which supply paths pay the publisher, which transact through a payment clearinghouse, and which re-broadcast auctions from other upstream ad exchanges.

For the top 500 global ad-supported websites (as ranked by Alexa), our Programmatic Atlas creates a visual summary of all authorized supply paths along with information about the intermediaries who power the supply chain. This dashboard is publicly available and free to use.

For programmatic pros who want to go deeper, our supply path database contains this same level of detail for over 100,000 websites and apps. You can request free access to this database here.

2019 is shaping up to be a good year for supply path transparency, and we’re happy to be able to make supply path data available as a free service to the industry.