Catch The Replay: How To Train Your DSP

We were thrilled to participate in AdExchanger's Programmatic I/O conference in San Francisco this week. Catch the replay of our How To Train Your DSP presentation here:

In this 25-minute discussion, we introduce four techniques that marketers can use to customize the way their DSPs bid:

  • Bid Factors, which allows marketers to combine their business intelligence with DSP bid optimization through easy to use UI controls.
  • Bring Your Own Algorithm, which allows more sophisticated brands to develop highly granular bidding rules.
  • Synthetic Conversions, which allow offline brands to benefit from automated bid optimization capabilities previously only available to e-commerce brands.
  • Impression Scoring, which allows marketers to connect custom attribution systems to DSP bid automation.

For a comprehensive breakdown these four DSP training techniques as well as a breakdown of which DSPs support each customization techniques, download our free whitepaper here.