little black book

The Little Black Book of Ads Jounce Media’s guide to ad tech

Today, I’m excited to release the Little Black Book of Ads, Jounce Media’s guide to the fundamentals of programmatic advertising. The Little Black Book outlines 15 must-know concepts that underpin the ad tech ecosystem. Master these 15 concepts, and you’ll be armed to tackle any programmatic advertising problem.

We’re overdue

I remember joining Turn in 2010 and trying to wrap my head around real time bidding. Each time I thought I had mastered a concept, I learned about a new exception to the rule. Turn is full of some of the best minds in ad tech, and we still struggled to make sense of the space. Without an authoritative guide to the ecosystem, we were forced to cobble together an understanding of our industry through a slow process of trial and error. A programmatic education required years of hands-on-keyboard experience, and very few people could credibly claim to be programmatic experts.

Five years later, learning the programmatic space is more daunting than ever. Each Lumascape drawing is more dense than the last. Struggling for differentiation, ad tech vendors inject new terminology into the market to trumpet new twists on old capabilities. Industry publications amplify the confusion, acting as megaphones for the ad tech flavor of the month.

We’re overdue to make sense of the programmatic space.

The most productive day of your year

A programmatic education shouldn’t take years. At Jounce Media, we think we can supercharge your path up the ad tech learning curve, and we think the Little Black Book is the key.

In one marathon day, we’ll take you and your team through each of the 15 fundamental ad tech concepts. We’ll give each member of your team a copy of the Little Black Book, and we’ll discuss each concept’s application to your marketing activities. At the end of the day, you’ll walk away with a much deeper understanding of programmatic marketing, and you’ll also walk away with own Little Black Book — your quick reference for all things programmatic.

We want the Little Black Book to bring clarity to programmatic marketing and become your essential guide to ad tech. We want the Little Black Book to earn a spot on the top of your desk. We want you to carry it with you to meetings. When you go on a business trip, we want the Little Black Book to go with you.

Ready to take your programmatic game to the next level? Let’s get started.